MR. OWL – ‘Fresh Summer Instrumentals’ Original Beats Mixtape

This is a DJ/producer mixtape Mr. Owl created this summer to showcase his recent original productions… many of these tracks have been snatched up by emcee’s already… check it out!

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Mr. Owl – ‘Fresh Summer Instrumentals’ Original Beats Mixtape
[MP3, 320kbps, 125MB]

[00:00] MR. OWL & honeycutt – stethoscope
[03:43] commodores – such a woman (MR. OWL remix)
[06:20] MR. OWL – the underground
[08:47] MR. OWL – clouds disperse
[11:51] MR. OWL – skipping puddles
[14:23] MR. OWL – secret to me
[17:27] MR. OWL – stagger home
[19:47] the j.b.’s – pass the peas (MR. OWL pass the trees remix)
[22:26] MR. OWL  – fiya girl
[23:39] MR. OWL – the bobs
[26:41] MR. OWL – is jack ever coming back?
[28:19] ahmad – back in the day (MR. OWL remix)
[31:26] MR. OWL – owl on the prowl
[33:38] MR. OWL – the new log song
[34:25] MR. OWL – dewy morning
[36:51] MR. OWL – monday morning
[39:10] MR. OWL – persperctive
[41:24] MR. OWL – goldfinger part 2
[45:14] MR. OWL – jekyll-n-hyde
[50:21] MR. OWL – nightmare before xmas


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