Jack Wilson & DJ SPAED – Fame EP

If you are only going to listen to 15 minutes of new music all year, this is the EP.  Five underground hip-hop bangers with a new level of the classic Spaed sound and Jack Wilson’s unrelenting delivery on overdrive.  This album is a modern hip-hop masterpiece, and the latest addition to both artists’ prolific catalogs.  Free download for a limited time!

“Steel City MC Jack Wilson is back with the brief mixtape/EP Fame, enlisting Pittsburgh turntablist DJ Spaed to produce a challenging, dynamic collection of beats.  ”P & LE” possesses the most shadowy, sinister beat of them all,  coiling like cool smoke underneath Wilson’s tongue-twisting rhymes. This is pure mix tape nirvana: no hook, no pauses, just some muscular, spartan production and an MC who refuses to take a breath.”
-Speed of the Pittsburgh Sound, 2010-7-28

FREE DOWNLOAD AT:  http://jackwilsonmc.bandcamp.com/album/fame-ep


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