MR. OWL & Punch3nello: “Stagger Home” Single Released

Our homie Punch3nello from Miami was passing through Pittsburgh, came through Mr Owl’s studio yesterday, and recorded a seven-track EP “Sun Rays & Grays” in one killer session.  This brother is the one-take truth – his freestyle game is interplanetary.  Mr Owl contributes six of the beats, and Spaed produced the seventh.

It will be some time before the final mix & master is completed, but here’s a one-track preview of the heat that’s coming!  “Stagger Home” is a punchy, jazzy jewel that – like many of Mr Owl’s most recent productions – pays homage to his favorite 70s jazz & funk vinyl.  Punch wrecks it with flows to make your head spin… the sixteens just keep coming and coming.

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Punch3nello & Mr. Owl – Stagger Home (Single)
[MP3, 320kbps, 7.6MB]

“Ya need to get pumped with embalming fluid
You’re already dead for tryin’ to do it
I breathe life into it
My confluence like the three rivers
Rhyme patterns i deliver
Pittsburgh, we don’t mix words”


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