MR. OWL – ‘Stepping Beyond Dub’ Dubstep Mixtape

An hour of nonstop OWL-approved dubstep, this mixtape takes a the listener on an electronic journey from the chill to the sinister and from tropical to foot-stompin’ dancey… it’s all here and conspicuously lacking the BRO factor.  “Stepping Beyond Dub” specifically features the subbass-heavy, reggae-infused style of dubstep that we really dig on – this mix is a crash course!

4/15 Update:  Apparently me featuring the dubstep artist Bass Clef on a mixtape is cutting into his profit margin – this mix was flagged on Soundcloud for copyright violation and removed because of the one song “Cannot Be Straightened”.  Thanks to Blank Tapes Records for being so forward-thinking in this modern age of digital distro to make sure that nobody new is accidentally exposed to their little secrets.  If more labels recognized how DANGEROUS it was to use DJs to help promote their music for FREE, then maybe we could live in a world that was safer for listeners where they wouldn’t have to worry about discovering new music.  Listen to the mixtape on Mixcloud via the link below, since they are a website that refuses to bend over backwards to the copyright witchhunt hysteria.  Shame on you Soundcloud.

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Mr. Owl – ‘Stepping Beyond Dub’ Dubstep Mixtape
[MP3, 320kbps, 132MB]

[00:00] bass clef – cannot be straightened
[01:40] coki – mood dub
[02:48] distance – no sunshine
[04:45] benga & coki – world war 7
[06:44] benga – break it
[08:38] benga – zombie jig
[11:24] coki – beep
[13:13] skream – irie
[14:36] distance – cyclops
[16:12] distance – tuning
[17:48] distance – out of mind
[20:05] johnny clark & mala – sinners
[21:55] mala – lean forward
[23:24] mala – level nine
[24:57] plastician – hocus pocus
[27:00] plastician – walk in the car park
[28:50] coki – bass
[31:33] bar 9 – soundboy
[33:34] bar 9 – pull up
[36:01] coki – officer
[37:55] bar 9 – malicious tactics
[41:08] bar 9 – murda sound
[43:41] scuba – subaqueous
[46:13] bar 9 – pulse
[47:59] mala – miracles
[50:56] bar 9 – duck hunt
[54:41] bar 9 – pussyhole


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