Room2Rhyme @ Rock Room

This Saturday March 19th join Dominant Force in inaugurating the Rock Room in Polish Hill with the first instance of  “ROOM 2 RHYME” hip-hop party!

Our special guest is Pittsburgh/Baltimore’s own JACK WILSON, coming through with not one but two fresh sets of original music featuring the heralded production talents of DJ SPAED, MR. OWL and others!  SPAED & OWL will rip up the turntables all night long including during Jack’s performances.  Also performing is local rap act 7718.

EDIT:  Thanks to Gene Stovall for coming through and rocking a freestyle set with OWL!  Good lookin out homie!

Only $5, plus you KNOW the Rock Room has some of the lowest drink prices in the Burgh so come on down, get sloppy, and soak up the realness!

RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/106076272805982/

As a preview to the show, check out some of the tracks we have put out with Jack recently, for free download or stream:


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