Brainstorm @ Z-Lounge

Tuesday June 9th, 2011
NO COVER! 10pm-2am at Z-Lounge, 2108 E Carson St
$3 Blue Moons & 3 Olives drinks till midnight
Specialty mojitos by Ova
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/213855835301917/

Details via our good friend Todd Keeb$:

June’s gonna be a pretty big month here at Brainstorm with two fresh faces to the night.

Mr. Owl, Pittsburgh
Dominant Force
Chris and his Dominant Force crew have been putting in some serious work around the city these days doing everything from magazine release parties to parties at Remedy, New Amsterdam, and more. I recently found out Chris is also a talented downtempo producer as well, so I knew right away he needed to play Brainstorm. Soundcloud here…. do it: http://soundcloud.com/mr-owl-1

Brent Still Life, Cleveland
Savory Audio, Badman Press, 18th Audio
Brainstorm’s first out of town guest! I’ve known Brent a long time and he’s always been one of those people I wished lived in Pittsburgh…. so I figured rather than wait for him to catch on, I’d bring him through. The technical and stylistic maturity in his DJing and original production work make him fit the bill for Brainstorm perfectly. Rather than try to describe it in words, just check out his soundcloud for a sampling of his spin on dubstep, drum n bass, funky and bass music in general: http://soundcloud.com/brent-still-life

Plus resident, Keeb$ playing a smooth blend of who knows what.


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