MR. OWL – ‘Digital Mood Swings’ Mixtape

In anticipation of his upcoming peformance with Keeb$ and Still Life at Z-Lounge’s Brainstorm party this week, Mr. Owl has released an inspiring mixtape called “Digital Mood Swings” packed full of the best downtempo, trip-hop, and experimental electronic vibes known to mankind.  Butter blends, beastly beats, and superb surprises abound as Owl takes you on a journey with his timeless track selection!  Stay tuned til the closing track for the brand new Noisia/deadmau5 remix in its full glory… this mixtape is required listening from start to end!

“In a few moments you will have an experience which will seem completely real… it will be the result of your subconscious fears transformed to your conscious awareness… you have five seconds to terminate this tape… five… four… three… two… one…”

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Mr. Owl – ‘Digital Mood Swings’ Mixtape
[MP3, 128kbps, 65.7MB]

[00:00] amon tobin – easy muffin
[03:53] boards of canada – roygbiv
[04:53] dj king flow – stranger in heaven
[06:26] massive attack – black milk
[08:43] dj krush – 85 loop
[10:29] karsh kale – liberation
[13:09] stereo mc’s – first love
[15:12] dj shadow & mos def – six days remix
[17:51] kid loco – sister curare
[19:48] cujo – the brazilianaire
[21:24] dj krush – fucked up pendulum
[23:24] cloud 9 & fatlip – here comes the lip remix
[25:32] amon tobin – daytrip
[27:07] emiliana torrini – unemployed in summertime
[29:36] big gigantic – thinking out loud
[32:43] dj vadim – milwaukee
[34:26] portishead – sour sour times
[37:08] beem – mouth everest
[39:20] dj shadow – hindsight
[41:38] djmedjyou – disco raj
[44:20] herbaliser & mf doom – it ain’t nuttin
[46:23] karsh kale – analog mood swings
[48:16] unkle – unreal
[50:38] lamb – gorecki
[53:13] massive attack – angel
[57:13] dj king flow – who’s that
[58:59] amon tobin – nightlife
[61:07] kid koala – third world lover
[63:56] karsh kale – deepest blue kk’s deepest brooklyn mix
[66:33] noisia & deadmau5 – raise your weapon remix

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