MR. OWL’s Circuit Bends @ Tracksploitation Freestyle

Professor ASAP from Tracksploitation recently grabbed some improptu vids of MR. OWL jamming at their Throwdown Thursday freestyle cipher.  Here he is seen experimenting with one of his homemade instruments, a deconstructed Nintendo 64 motherboard hardwired to the classic Zelda Ocarina of Time bare circuit board.  It runs off of various repurposed AC adapters, is cooled by fans and heatsinks salvaged from old PCs (including switchable fan-speeds), controls mounted on the case arcade-style, RCA jacks from an old VCR, playstation 1 LCD and speakers, all hand-wired in a handmade case from his own design with scrap plexiglass.

He calls it the Zelda Sound Generator or “MPZ64”, and he’s seen here running its output through a top-secret guitar effects chain to improvise with experimental noises over the Tracksploitation boys’ instrumental foundation, and to the bewilderment of the bystanding emcees!  At some point Darrell Kinsel on the mic remarks “it sounds like whales, let me hear that sound!”



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  1. dope-ish

    April 6, 2012 at 9:02 pm

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