Soundcloud Global Meetup Day: Pittsburgh

Here are the recorded Producer Presentations from our Soundcloud meetup last week!

Wednesday, May 16 2012 @ 7pm
Rocking Horse Artspace
179 43rd St in Lawrenceville

Our Pittsburgh Soundcloud Meetup group will assemble again on Wednesday May 16th as part of Soundcloud’s Global Meetup Day! Big plans in the works for this one:

  • 7-8pm:  “Getting Started on Soundcloud” Group Lesson
    • OBJECTIVE:  Show Soundcloud newbies how to setup an account & start interacting
    • ATTENDANTS SHOULD BRING:  Laptop & charger, Your logo/avatar image, Digital audio you want to post (MP3/WAV/AIF), Sense of adventure
  • 8-9pm:  Producer Showcases
    • Each producer will present one original track to the group.  First we will listen carefully to their song.  Then the producer will explain the production process by stepping through the project session, which will be projected onto the wall for all to see.  Finally, the producer will answer questions from the group.  This will be audio-recorded and archived to Soundcloud for all the world to hear.
    • PRODUCER #2:  K1NGP!N
  • 9pm+:  Open Discussion

Other ideas are welcome, please get involved and become part of our thriving offline community!


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