Urban Garden Party 2012 @ Mattress Factory Contemporary Art Museum

Recap video by FUZE featuring MR. OWL’s original production “Owl on the Prowl”

In what will be remembered as one of their biggest shows in 2012, MR. OWL and SPAED join forces with video artist Casey Hallas for a one-of-a-kind sensory experience not to be missed. Renowned for their room-sized installation art exhibits as well as pioneering work in social media, the Mattress Factory is a contemporary art museum on Pittsburgh’s North Side which hosts a massive gala each year. As with previous years, tickets for last summer’s Urban Garden Party completely sold out, and it was attended by over 1,400 people. This year’s theme is “Alice at the Factory”, so expect lots of tripped-out costumes and accompanying Wonderland-style visuals and music.

Head underground, down the rabbit hole into the basement of the museum, which will be converted into a hallucinatory party installation. Multiple video projectors and other displays will be running simultaneously, boasting Casey’s original footage shot specifically for this event, which he will mix and chop up live using his unique scheme of video controllers – while MR. OWL and SPAED keep hundreds of residents of Wonderland moving in unison. Visit the Mattress Factory’s official event listing for more information, pictures of last year’s event, and the link for ticket purchase – and RSVP at the Facebook event page. This party WILL sell out, the question is: will you have your ticket by the time it does?

Check out this short promo video, created by Abby at the Mattress Factory, featuring background music by ultra-dope San Francisco underground producer Dailon which was taken from a section of MR. OWL’s “They Don’t Care About Little Birds” mixtape!


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