Obvious presents MALA @ Lawrenceville Moose

Thursday June 21, 2012 @ Lawrenceville Moose
120 51st Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201 [Google Map]
Tickets:  $10 Advance, $12 Door
Facebook Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/291980494225781/

A rare performance by one of the SE London legends that brought us dubstep… This show is not one to miss!

MALA  [Digital Mystikz, DMZ, Deep Medi / London UK]
THUNDER ST. CLAIR  [Sub:merged / CLE]
JAMES GYRE  [Garden of Earthy Delights, ¿qué qué? / PGH]
MR. OWL  [Dominant Force / PGH]

“Mala in Pittsburgh” from Big Up Magazine:

While New York, Philly, and Washington are being jealous and looking up flights to Pittsburgh, the Obvious crew is getting their subs ready for a special guest they’re hosting on June 21st. Only hitting two spots on the East coast this time around, Mala lands in Pittsburgh for a standardly deep performance, and if you’re in town you simply can’t miss it. Because… you know… Mala. 10 bucks for possibly one of the best music nights of your life.

Interview with Mala from Resident Advisor:

As the boss of Deep Medi Musik and co-founder of DMZ, Mark Lawrence is one of the most respected men in the dubstep scene. In advance of his appearance at the Off Centre festival in Amsterdam, RA calls him up to chat 808s, dubplates and soundclashes.

Speak to anyone with an interest in dubstep about their favourite producers, and it’s likely that work of Mark Lawrence, AKA Mala, will eventually get mentioned. It wasn’t always this way. As with most of the other producers sculpting the sound in its early years, his story begins in the London borough of Croydon, where he visited the now defunct Big Apple record shop to get his musical fix and get the lowdown on developments from scene godfather and store clerk DJ Hatcha.

His passion was a full-time gig. Lawrence was employed as a youth worker, getting kids into music production by day, and burning the candle in his own studio by night, cranking out the tunes that were to announce his presence on the scene in a big way throughout 2004. Following on from the first Digital Mystikz release via Big Apple’s in-house label, Mala, Coki and Loefah launched their DMZ record label, with John Peel even picking up on their “B” track on his Radio 1 show, and his listeners giving it enough votes to slip into the year’s Festive Fifty at #31. Rephlex were also listening with a keen ear, choosing to showcase the work of all three producers on the second of their Grime compilations. It was at the launch party for the release that Mala made his first ever DJ appearance. His ethic for that show is something that has informed his entire career: Mala cut a full box of his own dubplates especially for the night.

As the label progressed, the trio started to develop their own distinct sounds—Loefah with his minimalist halfstep, Coki’s wild mid-range oscillations and Mala’s deeper, dread-infused rollers. But while each has undeniably stamped their own individual mark on the dubstep psyche, it’s Lawrence who has enjoyed the most crossover success due to his both his consistency and versatility within his own musical sphere.

Lately, the trio’s DMZ club night celebrated its fifth birthday with a jam-packed line-up at their spiritual home of Mass in Brixton, and he’s also been keeping busy with his Deep Medi Musik imprint, notching up ten singles and a full-length from fellow London producer Silkie throughout 2009. Mala himself is known for a relatively limited amount of releases under his own name, but he’ll soon drop another release, Return II Space, on DMZ. He’s decided to limit it to vinyl, but it’s a rare chance to take home some of the tracks which have long been highlights of his live sets. We caught up recently with Lawrence to talk about his thoughts on unreleased material, the music business and more.

(Continued at:  http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature.aspx?1176)


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