Get Weird! Space Jam @ Belvedere’s

EVENT PHOTOS:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.436120863102350.88719.402114236503013&type=1

In honor of the most recent free fall from space and everything else that is the universe… what better way to celebrate all things galactic other than grabbing a PBR pounder, a dance partner, and getting a little weird? No matter if it’s Star Wars, Star Trek, B-Ballin Space Monsters, Bill Nye The Science Guy, Neil Armstrong or Carl Sagan.. raise your shot of Jame-o and hold on to your butts cuz we’re about to blast off! That’s one small step for man.. one giant leap for your baby mama drama.

MR. OWL (Dominant Force / Obvious): http://soundcloud.com/mr-owl-1
CUCITROA (Get Weird): http://soundcloud.com/cucitroa
DIZCREPNNC (Get Weird): http://soundcloud.com/dizcrepnnc
Visuals by: CORNELIUS

We’ve got the cheap drank to keep both you AND your gut happy! $2 PBR Pahnderz ALL NIGHT AND $2.50 shot special 10-12 (Ask bartender for details)

Belvedere’s, Friday November 2nd, 10PM – 2AM, 21+
$2 Before 11 / $4 After
Facebook Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/356663971095028/


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