“DJ SPAED, representing Pittsburgh Dominant Force, recently released his second LP entitled ‘High Art’ on bandcamp.com.  SPAED’s style of frustrated hip-hop breakbeats, swing rhythms, vinyl ripped melodies and stereo percussion are giving artists like Flying Lotus and J-Dilla (RIP) a run for their money.  SPAED is one of the most technical hip-hop DJ’s I’ve met and his production skills are no less impressive.  Listening to the lead synths on his tracks ‘Light Site’ and ‘Nothin But Heels On’ show his keyboard talent, SPAED says he plays all the synths live.  The processed vocals on the track ‘In the Rain Again’ are an awesome mixture of wah wah, vinyl record slow stops and filters that really expand on SPAED’s technical nature. This is a 20 track album and not one song on it could be considered filler.  It’s available on Bandcamp in ‘MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire’ with a ‘name your price’ price tag.  I suggest you pick this one ASAP!”  – Penpal @ BringinItToYou

Stream free / Download for Pay-What-You-Want via Bandcamp


Artwork by MR. OWL
Released by Dominant Force, 11/1/12

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