Pittsburgh Soundcloud Meetup feat. Pandemic Pete, Cryoverb & Sun Turret

Wednesday, March 6th 2013 @ 7pm-10pm
Brillobox upstairs – 4104 Penn Ave

Our Pittsburgh Soundcloud Meetup group will assemble again on Wednesday March 6th. We welcome musicians, producers, vocalists, radio broadcasters and other sound professionals, as well as any and all members of the interested public, to join us. The atmosphere of our meetups is casual and workshop-style. We would like to thank our new hosts at Brillobox – we will now be enjoying a proper club sound system, a projector with projection screen, and upgraded seating!

We will begin the evening with an introductory discussion about the new Soundcloud interface changes and features, hosted by our friend DJ Spaed.

Then we get into the sessions. Here’s how it works: Each session is an opportunity for a local Soundcloud user – whether producer, DJ, radio host or otherwise – to share their chosen craft with us.  With the aid of video projection and full sound system, the session host will take us through their process or lead a discussion about a topic of relevance, with the opportunity for the group to ask questions.  This will be audio-recorded and archived to Soundcloud for all the world to hear.




Other ideas for future meetups are welcome, please get involved and become part of our thriving offline community!

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