A murder mystery at sea unfolds slowly, sample by sample, as relentless waves of bass massage the psyche.

Take a sailboat across the ocean… one will travel weeks or even months before it reaches the next shore. You just stare at the ocean, there is nothing around, you’re grasping for the smallest particle of information… a bird flying overhead, something floating in the water, something that you thought was floating in the water, some seaweed that has a pattern in it that might tell you something… because youre completely isolated from your surroundings. 

In the endless sea of blue lie the spirits that hundreds of years ago gave birth to ghostly tales, tales that are as old as the sea…

[MP3, 320kbps, 113MB]


Released free 3/29/13 as a celebration of the One Year Anniversary of our Obvious crew, and a thank you to everyone who came out and supported our bass music revolution in Pittsburgh – we owe it all to you!  I’ve been lucky enough in the past year to perform alongside pioneers such as Mala, N-Type, Truth, Antiserum, and DJG… and you’re not gonna believe what year 2 has in store.

Free limited-run physical copies for the first 50 people in the door for our Obvious 1yr Anniversary Residents Showcase party @ Belvederes 3/29!



[00:56] hellfire machina – 3 prayers to buddha
[01:26] congi – alliance
[03:00] congi – awaken
[04:20] epoxy – bring the sun out
[05:54] congi – capture
[07:29] epoxy – choices
[08:49] congi – cryptic
[10:24] kryptic minds – dissolved
[12:32] ex nihilo – ghost trance
[13:52] epoxy – horns
[15:40] cyrus – hot pan
[17:27] daega sound – land in motion
[18:48] daega sound – let it all go
[20:09] komonazmuk – light
[21:43] maddman – love story VIP
[23:17] daega sound – misty morning dub
[24:18] defence – nema ljubavi u centru grada
[25:06] biome & fox – no tomorrow
[26:27] afterdark – overshine
[27:21] acure & wize guy – pitch black
[29:09] biome – pum bum
[30:44] moretti & laney – siberian sweep
[31:50] congi – somnium
[33:26] epoxy & trubble – spiderwebs demo
[34:47] daega sound – stranded
[36:49] headhunter – sushi brain
[38:09] sparc – the crazies
[40:10] play it again sam – the universe
[41:31] headhunter & f dedale – transistor
[43:07] epoxy – truth
[44:41] epoxy – vision
[45:48] daega sound – while you’re dreaming
[47:35] coki – mad head

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