Touchfaster presents Solstice @ Rex Theater

After the longest, coldest, winter that Pittsburgh has seen in quite some time Touchfaster’s 2013 Summer Solstice is finally here. Plus, this Solstice marks the 2 year anniversary of the current incarnation of Touchfaster. That is cause to celebrate, yeah? We would love to see all of the smiling faces who have made it possible.

*Grandchildren (electro-acoustic orchestral pop)
*Chrome Baby Jesus (electro sludge pop)
*Mega-Def (funk-punk/psych-hop)
*Mr. Owl (deep bass cerebral dance music)

June 29th @ The Rex Theater
21+ /Doors at 8pm
$10 Presale/$13 at the door
Facebook Event:  http://www.facebook.com/events/463356327090623/


ART: Pierce Marratto, Natiq Jalil, Matt Hunter, Rachna Radar, Devin Dysart, Stephanie Zini, Justin Wujcik, Morgan Mikula, Emily Lowery, Julia Ann Turturro, Liz Dabecco, Jamie Zbrzezny, Keith Schmiedlin
LIVE ART: Aimee Manion, Diego Byrnes
HOOPING: Penni Patches Pixie Laine
Plus food vendors, awesome local businesses, and more.


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