ENFORCERY feat OHBLIV @ Belvederes

enforcery cover

Obvious is proud to Present: ENFORCERY: A Dominant Force Takeover ft. OHBLIV (Richmond // VA)

We wanted to give everyone a chance to decompress from their Detroit shenanigans with something a little different. So, we asked our good friend and resident Hip Hop Guru, Chris Mr-Owl, to invite some serious talent from the genre to play for Pittsburgh.

After much deliberation, Mr. Owl decided to tap OHBLIV to headline. OHBLIV is an up and coming music producer out of Richmond, Virginia. His sound ranges the spectrum from hip hop, to funk, to soul, to even that 80’s rock that unites all walks of life. He’s a throwback to a different era, while still being ten steps ahead of his time. Musical talents like OHBLIV do not come around often. OHBLIV is a part of Just Plain Sounds, a Virgina based net label. OHBLIV’s style of instrumental production can be classified as tranquil, sub aquatic, soulful hip hop. The sounds of 70’s and 80’s soul/funk music heavily influence OHBLIV’s melodic instrumentals. OHBLIV has done frequent collaborations with fellow Virginian, Nickelus F. OHBLIV’s first beat tape is titled “Rugged Tranquility”. Since then he has released “EZ Widaz”, “Hydrosub”, “The Monoatomic Gold EP”, “Yellow Gold”, “SLPHNC2” and other side projects with Cascade records and Just Plain Sounds.

Mr. Owl also plugged JON ROGERS (aka MAGGZ) for the show, a Columbus, OH based producer:  “His sound has somewhat of a vintage, 90’s type of appeal and feeling to it, but at the same time it tends to feel updated and futuristic in a sense, utilizing fresh ideas, with a unique and thoughtful approach to creating music…” He lives on the cutting edge of hip hop, nu-soul, electronic, and transgressive, forward thinking production. His palette is rich and vivid, also very genuine, and his works captures your attention with a seamless mix of obscure, dusty jazz samples, along with ambient textures, and hypnotizing synths. In company with deep bouncy milky smooth bass lines, that leave you in a trans, placed over intoxicating, neck snapping percussion and drumming.”

We are also very excited to have TRACKSPLOITATION. A Pittsburgh and Obvious favorite, we are happy to have the proper night to host them.

OHBLIV (Richmond // VA)
MAGGZ (Columbus // Ohio)
SPAED (Pgh // PA)
MR. OWL (Pgh // PA)
IVIES (Pgh // PA)
Visuals by: KYLE the SAINT

$6 // 21+ //May 30th, 2014 // 9:30pm to 2:00 am
SPONSORED BY: Pabst Blue Ribbon
Belvedere’s Ultra Dive // 4016 Butler Street // Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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