Dominant Force Productions is DJ SPAED & MR OWL.  We are DJ/producers based in the Steel City (Pittsburgh, PA) and this is the place to keep up on whats new with Dominant Force.  All official releases, mixtapes, original beats, collaborations, and show announcements will be found here.  We are currently booking gigs, so please contact us at domforceprods@gmail.com if interested.  Our diverse stylistic tastes typically focus on classic & underground hip-hop, dub & roots reggae, soul, funk, motown, breaks, experimental electronica & drum-n-bass.


How many licks it takes to get to the center of what makes die-hard hip-hop heads tick could be just what MR. OWL is after. The Pittsburgh-based DJ and producer who gets kicks from tinkering found electronics into tricked-out toy instruments has been turntabling his way through the underground music scene, fusing classic hip-hop with bit-beat electronica and developing his independent label PARLIAMENT OF STRIX RECORDS since its founding in early 2011.

With a growing list of multi-media collaborators including his DJ & production counterpart Spaed, underground emcees Jack Wilson, Punch3nello, and Mr. Jhak, as well as video artist Casey Hallas of the Legendary Androids, MR. OWL’s preference for soup-mix projects continues to define his cross-genre aesthetic.  Together with Spaed, they comprise the dastardly duo DOMINANT FORCE.  Mashing together a mecca of mix-martyred samples and lyric-rich tracks, OWL’s music maintains a fresh, independent-bred sound worth keeping an ear to – which begs two questions: how many licks did it take… and what’s the next flavor?

For free mixtape and original production downloads, listen up at Soundcloud.com/Mr-Owl-1.  Mr. Jhak and MR. OWL’s full-length album “Who Killed the Page Wizurd?” will drop in Summer 2012 – get yours at Pstrix.com.

(Copy, Laura Vrcek)

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