Original Production


Today Dominant Force heavyweight producer SPAED released his much-awaited debut full-length album entitled “ABOVE AND BEYOND”!

Featuring monolithic collaborations with underground mainstays Prof.Logik, TheNamesMillen, Kaligraph E, Jack Wilson, DJ Devdan & MR. OWL… this is raw and forward-thinking hip-hop at its very finest, direct from the OG master! Must be heard to be believed.

Name your price (including $0) and cop the download at:  http://spaed.bandcamp.com/


Soundcloud Global Meetup Day: Pittsburgh

Here are the recorded Producer Presentations from our Soundcloud meetup last week!

Wednesday, May 16 2012 @ 7pm
Rocking Horse Artspace
179 43rd St in Lawrenceville

Our Pittsburgh Soundcloud Meetup group will assemble again on Wednesday May 16th as part of Soundcloud’s Global Meetup Day! Big plans in the works for this one:

  • 7-8pm:  “Getting Started on Soundcloud” Group Lesson
    • OBJECTIVE:  Show Soundcloud newbies how to setup an account & start interacting
    • ATTENDANTS SHOULD BRING:  Laptop & charger, Your logo/avatar image, Digital audio you want to post (MP3/WAV/AIF), Sense of adventure
  • 8-9pm:  Producer Showcases
    • Each producer will present one original track to the group.  First we will listen carefully to their song.  Then the producer will explain the production process by stepping through the project session, which will be projected onto the wall for all to see.  Finally, the producer will answer questions from the group.  This will be audio-recorded and archived to Soundcloud for all the world to hear.
    • PRODUCER #2:  K1NGP!N
  • 9pm+:  Open Discussion

Other ideas are welcome, please get involved and become part of our thriving offline community!

SoundCloud Pages

Check out DJ SPAED and MR. OWL on Soundcloud!

“Don’t sleep on these pages which are always updated with new production work and DJ mixes from the impeccable duo, check in and let these boulders of audio euphoria pummel you into dust!!  Those unfamiliar with SoundCloud have been seriously missing out on what I feel is an online catalog of some of the best in current production work in any imaginable genre.  Superb musicians and DJs lurk under the radar of bullshit commercial nonsense, and fans and creators of great underground music can excavate until they will surely find something they’re into.  Happy diggin fams!” -DJ Spaed


MR. OWL & Punch3nello: “I’m Different” Single Released

Punch3nello is doing big things in Miami right now, and as such we have decided to release another single off of his much-anticipated upcoming EP “Sun Rays & Grays”!

“I’m Different (aka. Clouds Disperse)” is a funky Mr. Owl production that harkens back to the early days of hip-hop, where things were about having fun, feeling good, and getting your life right.  The concept of the beat is the calm beauty after a rainstorm, when the clouds disperse and everything comes into focus.  Punch tells the story of where he came from and his current jetsetting lifestyle as a musician and mural artist.  Take a listen and you’ll understand why this dude is developing such heavy buzz!

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Punch3nello & Mr. Owl – I’m Different (Clouds Disperse) (Single)
[MP3, 320kbps, 8.3MB]

Jack Wilson & MR. OWL – Remember When We’re About To

Jack Wilson & Mr Owl pair up on this single to bring you an eerie otherworldly beat matched with Jack’s head-scratching rapid-fire verbals.

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Jack Wilson & Mr. Owl – Remember When We’re About To (Single)
[MP3, 192kbps, 2.5MB]

Also available on either Jack Wilson or Mr. Owl’s Bandcamp sites:


MR. OWL & Punch3nello: “Stagger Home” Single Released

Our homie Punch3nello from Miami was passing through Pittsburgh, came through Mr Owl’s studio yesterday, and recorded a seven-track EP “Sun Rays & Grays” in one killer session.  This brother is the one-take truth – his freestyle game is interplanetary.  Mr Owl contributes six of the beats, and Spaed produced the seventh.

It will be some time before the final mix & master is completed, but here’s a one-track preview of the heat that’s coming!  “Stagger Home” is a punchy, jazzy jewel that – like many of Mr Owl’s most recent productions – pays homage to his favorite 70s jazz & funk vinyl.  Punch wrecks it with flows to make your head spin… the sixteens just keep coming and coming.

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Punch3nello & Mr. Owl – Stagger Home (Single)
[MP3, 320kbps, 7.6MB]

“Ya need to get pumped with embalming fluid
You’re already dead for tryin’ to do it
I breathe life into it
My confluence like the three rivers
Rhyme patterns i deliver
Pittsburgh, we don’t mix words”

Jack Wilson & DJ SPAED – Fame EP

If you are only going to listen to 15 minutes of new music all year, this is the EP.  Five underground hip-hop bangers with a new level of the classic Spaed sound and Jack Wilson’s unrelenting delivery on overdrive.  This album is a modern hip-hop masterpiece, and the latest addition to both artists’ prolific catalogs.  Free download for a limited time!

“Steel City MC Jack Wilson is back with the brief mixtape/EP Fame, enlisting Pittsburgh turntablist DJ Spaed to produce a challenging, dynamic collection of beats.  ”P & LE” possesses the most shadowy, sinister beat of them all,  coiling like cool smoke underneath Wilson’s tongue-twisting rhymes. This is pure mix tape nirvana: no hook, no pauses, just some muscular, spartan production and an MC who refuses to take a breath.”
-Speed of the Pittsburgh Sound, 2010-7-28

FREE DOWNLOAD AT:  http://jackwilsonmc.bandcamp.com/album/fame-ep