ENFORCERY feat KRTS @ Cattivo

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VENUE CHANGED to “CATTIVO” @ 146 44th St in Lawrenceville
(Please support our friends at Belvedere’s as they rebuild after their kitchen fire!)

Fri Jan 2nd ✦ $8 ✦ 21+

✦ /// KRTS of Project:Mooncircle (Berlin/NYC) ✦

As with many a gifted musician, the story of Kurtis Hairston aka KRTS began with his father’s cassette tapes. Well, tape, actually, as young KRTS admittedly found his love for haunting, sample based instrumentals mostly through The Art of Noise’s Are You Afraid of…. But if you were lucky enough to catch one of KRTS’ explosive live shows, or listened to some of his recent releases, you know that it didn’t stop there. KRTS music is a meticulously balanced mixture of post-dilla hip hop and contemporary bass, deep electronics, jungle, and translucent chords – all chopped up nicely and in real-time when he takes to the stage. Following a move from his hometown of Brooklyn to the German capital, KRTS keeps making major moves touring the globe, and steadily releasing on Berlin’s prolific Project: Mooncircle imprint.

✦ /// :TROPIC (Pgh) ✦

✦ /// IVIES (Pgh) ✦

✦ /// MORGANTICS (Pgh) ✦

✦ /// MR. OWL (Pgh) ✦

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Project Mooncircle is a Berlin based label and creative collective operating in the left-field sphere of electronic music. Originally established in 2002, its diverse back catalogue is one of no musical boundaries. Today much of the label’s output focuses on the fusion of organic and electronic music. With a heavy emphasis on artwork and design, the label prides itself on the curation of original ideas and vision.

ENFORCERY is a podcast & event series supporting forward-thinking hip-hop beatmakers & producers, founded by MR. OWL (Formerly known as Brokebeat)


VIA 2014: ENFORCERY Beat Showcase feat Prof.Logik & ManOfTheDown @ Belvedere’s


5th Annual VIA Festival, October 01-05, Pittsburgh
http://www.via2014.com/ #via2014 #viafestival

Fri Oct 3rd @ Belvedere’s Ultra Dive
21+ / $10 door / included in All-Access and Weekend VIA Festival Passes –http://on.fb.me/YWkEF8

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Nostalgic yet futuristic beats which are usually created with no set boundaries and no quantization. All emotion and mood-based spur-of-the-moment soundscapes reflecting moments in his everyday life.

Nasty, syrupy beat music for fantastical beasts of a cryptozoological nature…

✦ /// MR. OWL
Pittsburgh-based DJ/producer/promoter who gets a kick tinkering found electronics into tricked-out toy instruments, turntabling & pad-mashing his way through the underground music scene.

✦ /// IVIES
Producer / instrumentalist with a multi-dimensional list of sampled sounds and loose beats.

✦ /// THETA
Hailing from Pittsburgh, Theta is a producer and performer who plays his material live on the MPC. With many collaborations and videos releasing soon, be sure to look out for him.

Lasers, 3D Projection Mapping & Visuals by:
For longer than many can remember Doctor Sound System a.k.a. DJ 7UP has been dropping his unique mixing style at thousands of events, including every major nightclub in Pittsburgh and major cities around the States, earning him the Pittsburgh City Paper “Best DJ” honor in 2006 and 2007.


VIA is a festival, series of events, and creative collective based in Pittsburgh, PA, that explores the intersection of music, new media art, and technology IRL and online. Collaborative a/v performances, visual artist projects & exhibitions, lectures, and more explore what’s next in known and underground Pittsburgh locations. VIA is a proud member of the I.C.A.S. (International International Cities of Advanced Sound) Network http://icasnetwork.org/

ENFORCERY is a podcast & event series supporting forward-thinking hip-hop beatmakers & producers, founded by MR. OWL (Formerly known as Brokebeat)


Zyla Benefit feat Shawn Rudiman, Chase Smith, Jwan Allen, MR. OWL & Depth One @ Belvedere’s


July 25th
Belvederes Ultra-Dive
4016 Butler Street
$5 Donation at the door
21+// 9:30 pm to 2:00 am
Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/461116690658381/

The Broken Planet Showcase has been postponed. This is a benefit for our friend, Paul Zyla. All proceeds go directly to Paul and his family.

Shawn Rudiman & Chase Smith — LIVE– [PGH]

Pittsburgh born and bred, Shawn is the Godfather of all things analog. Playing in Pittsburgh from the early 90s through now, he has stayed a favorite among fans and fellow producers. Shawn has taken his live show all over the U.S. and beyond, playing at such iconic places as Tresor in Berlin and Smart Bar, Chicago.
Inducted into the prestigious Detroit Techno Militia, Shawn represents his city and sound like no one else quite could.

Chase Smith has been performing his live sets in Pittsburgh recently and completely blowing crowds away. His performance with FORMA last week is still ringing in our heads. He is part of The Machine Age team and will be joining Shawn Rudiman on stage to play a live tag set that is one of a kind.


Jwan Allen [PGH]

Jwan Allen slays dance floors. He has been slaying dance floors for a helluva long time. Founder of the infamous Technoir Audio and now Broken Planet, Jwan has been releasing some of the most incredible techno for years. He is a dj’s dj, continually blowing minds set after set. Jwan will be opening the night with a long ass, 2 hour set. We can’t wait.


Mr Owl & Depth One [Pgh]

Obvious residents stepping in to play some sounds that you rarely hear coming from these guys. We are looking forward to hearing them play some techno.

Visuals Provided by: Kyle the Saint

ENFORCERY feat OHBLIV @ Belvederes

enforcery cover

Obvious is proud to Present: ENFORCERY: A Dominant Force Takeover ft. OHBLIV (Richmond // VA)

We wanted to give everyone a chance to decompress from their Detroit shenanigans with something a little different. So, we asked our good friend and resident Hip Hop Guru, Chris Mr-Owl, to invite some serious talent from the genre to play for Pittsburgh.

After much deliberation, Mr. Owl decided to tap OHBLIV to headline. OHBLIV is an up and coming music producer out of Richmond, Virginia. His sound ranges the spectrum from hip hop, to funk, to soul, to even that 80’s rock that unites all walks of life. He’s a throwback to a different era, while still being ten steps ahead of his time. Musical talents like OHBLIV do not come around often. OHBLIV is a part of Just Plain Sounds, a Virgina based net label. OHBLIV’s style of instrumental production can be classified as tranquil, sub aquatic, soulful hip hop. The sounds of 70’s and 80’s soul/funk music heavily influence OHBLIV’s melodic instrumentals. OHBLIV has done frequent collaborations with fellow Virginian, Nickelus F. OHBLIV’s first beat tape is titled “Rugged Tranquility”. Since then he has released “EZ Widaz”, “Hydrosub”, “The Monoatomic Gold EP”, “Yellow Gold”, “SLPHNC2” and other side projects with Cascade records and Just Plain Sounds.

Mr. Owl also plugged JON ROGERS (aka MAGGZ) for the show, a Columbus, OH based producer:  “His sound has somewhat of a vintage, 90’s type of appeal and feeling to it, but at the same time it tends to feel updated and futuristic in a sense, utilizing fresh ideas, with a unique and thoughtful approach to creating music…” He lives on the cutting edge of hip hop, nu-soul, electronic, and transgressive, forward thinking production. His palette is rich and vivid, also very genuine, and his works captures your attention with a seamless mix of obscure, dusty jazz samples, along with ambient textures, and hypnotizing synths. In company with deep bouncy milky smooth bass lines, that leave you in a trans, placed over intoxicating, neck snapping percussion and drumming.”

We are also very excited to have TRACKSPLOITATION. A Pittsburgh and Obvious favorite, we are happy to have the proper night to host them.

OHBLIV (Richmond // VA)
MAGGZ (Columbus // Ohio)
SPAED (Pgh // PA)
MR. OWL (Pgh // PA)
IVIES (Pgh // PA)
Visuals by: KYLE the SAINT

$6 // 21+ //May 30th, 2014 // 9:30pm to 2:00 am
SPONSORED BY: Pabst Blue Ribbon
Belvedere’s Ultra Dive // 4016 Butler Street // Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Announcing ENFORCERY

ENFORCERY is a podcast & event series supporting forward-thinking hip-hop beatmakers & producers, founded by MR. OWL & SPAED.

It is the spiritual successor to the now-defunct party series known as “Brokebeat”.

Keep up with us on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/enforcery
and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/enforcery

Danny Devine’s Mass Hysteria @ the Shop

2014-4-26 Mass Hysteria flyer

Danny Devine presents MASS HYSTERIA

Saturday April 26th, 7-10pm
@ The Shop, 4314 Main St in Bloomfield

DJ MR. OWL providing the smooth funk, soul & motown classics all night

Someone said there’s free beer too.

Kasra, Emplate, Depth One & MR. OWL @ Wingharts Oakland


Pittsburgh Drum and Bass Collective & Obvious Productions present: KASRA (Critical Music // UK)

KASRA is a gatekeeper to what is under the surface in drum & bass. He does what he does with passion and care, and is a staple in Drum and Bass culture. He began as a DJ and worked his way into the world of production when he started his Critical Music label.  Conceived back in 2002 in a front room in north London, the label has grown from a simple idea driven by a commitment to putting out the best music the scene has to offer; it has now become one of the most well respected underground dance music labels in the UK. Nurturing new talent and releasing some of the freshest breaks and beats from the likes of Break, Rockwell, Breakage, Cyantific, Marcus Intalex, S.P.Y, Calibre, Total Science and many more. It has gone on to build a loyal following around the world, driven on by Kasra’s never ending quest to release quality underground bass music. Most notably, Kasra was featured on Critical Music’s Sequence One EP, which included collabs with S.P.Y. and Jubei. Critical Music is now a resident at the legendary Fabric nightclub in the UK, with Kasra given the highest honor of recording Fabric Live 62, one of his most prominent releases.  Since his first forays into drum & bass in the late 1990’s as a burgeoning young DJ, there’€™s no doubt that Kasra has now made an indelible mark on the scene, a mark that continues to grow ever-stronger as his Critical Music empire prospers.

KASRA (Critical Music // UK)

EMPLATE (Barbaric Empire // CLE)

DEPTH ONE (Obvious // PGH)

MR. OWL (Obvious, Dominant Force // PGH)

$10 Adv // 21+
April 18th, 2014 // Doors at 9pm
Winghart’s Oakland // 226 Meyran Ave, Pgh, PA 15213
Tickets Available @ Showclix.com

Facebook Event: https://facebook.com/events/230411743832657