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Totally Obvious @ Oakland House Party

Friday March 2nd, 10pm-4am
Facebook Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/221508084614926/

Imagine: Party promoters lose art gallery venue last minute… it’s the night before Spring Break 2012 on Pitt campus. Cue music, cue lights.

When’s the last time you danced in Oakland? Come check this 2 floor late-night dance party courtesy of Obvious – rumor has it, a college kid QUIT HIS JOB to throw this event.

2 Floors, 4 hallways. So many places to talk… or dance!!!
BYOB, $2 at the door with optional upgrade
3909 Forbes Avenue in Oakland – above the Dunkin’ Donuts!

Dance floor, Units D & E featuring DJ sets by:

MR. OWL (Dominant Force)
Local (Obvious crew)
Vanby (the Dutch Superman)

Visuals by:  The Legendary Androids
Chill Lounge in Unit B with mixtapes by:  C-Town & MR. OWL

Condensation! @ Steal City

CONDENSATION! Summer Dance Party
at STEAL CITY, 5125 Penn Ave in Garfield

412, you know what it is! A SUMMER PARTY FOR THE SAKE OF SWEAT, and don’t forget about our OPEN BAR! We are gettin down til the wee hours of the morning, so if you can’t make it at ten, make it your afterparty!

Facebook Event Page:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=191889697535152

Featuring DJs & LIVE performances by:

SPAED (DJ/producer, Dominant Force, Pittsburgh)

MR. OWL (DJ/producer, Dominant Force, Pittsburgh)

JACK WILSON (Emcee, Baltimore & Pittsburgh)

BILLY PILGRIM (Emcee, Mega-Def, Pittsburgh)

REVERRB (Emcee, Outerspace, Pittsburgh)

LOW SPACE (DJ/producer, Pittsburgh)

Get Weird! White Trash Shindig @ Belvedere’s

Dominant Force O.G. DJ SPAED will be in the building dropping basslines heavier than a submarine crushing a trailer all night long with co-defendants CUCITROA and DIZCREPNNC! It’s going to be a brutal display of dominance and force, we promise you that. Anyone ever take a good look at that stack of speakers up in Belvedere’s? Cheap drinks paired with this megla-ill DJ fleet turns the ultra-dive into a partygoer’s paradise, whatchaself suckers!! Grab your mullet wig from last Halloween, rip off some sleeves from that old denim jacket, custom tailor a nice pair of jorts, or wear that entire red tracksuit that you thought would never come in handy. It’s time to get trashy so come one come all to the headbangers danger chamber!!

RSVP on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/196326190414725/

Monthly Reggae Party @ Shadow Lounge

Previous occurrences of this party: Thursday 1/27/11, 2/24/11, 3/31/11, 4/28/11, 5/26/11, 6/30/11

Join MR. OWL & DJ SPAED for the Shadow Lounge’s all-out 3-room reggae party!  The Dominant Force Sound System is coming through with fresh dub reggae and dubstep for your eardrums at every instance of this monthly event.  Come lounge to the island vibes and dance to the rugged riddims, only $5 however LADIES ARE FREE TIL MIDNIGHT!  Also featuring live roots reggae from Man in the Street and dancehall tunes from DJ Gangsta Shak all night.  18+ admitted, but 21+ to enjoy the fabulous drink specials.  We’ve also heard rumor of Haile Selassie’s ghost coming and getting down, but so far it is unverified.

Brainstorm @ Z-Lounge

Tuesday June 9th, 2011
NO COVER! 10pm-2am at Z-Lounge, 2108 E Carson St
$3 Blue Moons & 3 Olives drinks till midnight
Specialty mojitos by Ova
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/213855835301917/

Details via our good friend Todd Keeb$:

June’s gonna be a pretty big month here at Brainstorm with two fresh faces to the night.

Mr. Owl, Pittsburgh
Dominant Force
Chris and his Dominant Force crew have been putting in some serious work around the city these days doing everything from magazine release parties to parties at Remedy, New Amsterdam, and more. I recently found out Chris is also a talented downtempo producer as well, so I knew right away he needed to play Brainstorm. Soundcloud here…. do it: http://soundcloud.com/mr-owl-1

Brent Still Life, Cleveland
Savory Audio, Badman Press, 18th Audio
Brainstorm’s first out of town guest! I’ve known Brent a long time and he’s always been one of those people I wished lived in Pittsburgh…. so I figured rather than wait for him to catch on, I’d bring him through. The technical and stylistic maturity in his DJing and original production work make him fit the bill for Brainstorm perfectly. Rather than try to describe it in words, just check out his soundcloud for a sampling of his spin on dubstep, drum n bass, funky and bass music in general: http://soundcloud.com/brent-still-life

Plus resident, Keeb$ playing a smooth blend of who knows what.

MR. OWL – ‘Stepping Beyond Dub’ Dubstep Mixtape

An hour of nonstop OWL-approved dubstep, this mixtape takes a the listener on an electronic journey from the chill to the sinister and from tropical to foot-stompin’ dancey… it’s all here and conspicuously lacking the BRO factor.  “Stepping Beyond Dub” specifically features the subbass-heavy, reggae-infused style of dubstep that we really dig on – this mix is a crash course!

4/15 Update:  Apparently me featuring the dubstep artist Bass Clef on a mixtape is cutting into his profit margin – this mix was flagged on Soundcloud for copyright violation and removed because of the one song “Cannot Be Straightened”.  Thanks to Blank Tapes Records for being so forward-thinking in this modern age of digital distro to make sure that nobody new is accidentally exposed to their little secrets.  If more labels recognized how DANGEROUS it was to use DJs to help promote their music for FREE, then maybe we could live in a world that was safer for listeners where they wouldn’t have to worry about discovering new music.  Listen to the mixtape on Mixcloud via the link below, since they are a website that refuses to bend over backwards to the copyright witchhunt hysteria.  Shame on you Soundcloud.

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Mr. Owl – ‘Stepping Beyond Dub’ Dubstep Mixtape
[MP3, 320kbps, 132MB]

[00:00] bass clef – cannot be straightened
[01:40] coki – mood dub
[02:48] distance – no sunshine
[04:45] benga & coki – world war 7
[06:44] benga – break it
[08:38] benga – zombie jig
[11:24] coki – beep
[13:13] skream – irie
[14:36] distance – cyclops
[16:12] distance – tuning
[17:48] distance – out of mind
[20:05] johnny clark & mala – sinners
[21:55] mala – lean forward
[23:24] mala – level nine
[24:57] plastician – hocus pocus
[27:00] plastician – walk in the car park
[28:50] coki – bass
[31:33] bar 9 – soundboy
[33:34] bar 9 – pull up
[36:01] coki – officer
[37:55] bar 9 – malicious tactics
[41:08] bar 9 – murda sound
[43:41] scuba – subaqueous
[46:13] bar 9 – pulse
[47:59] mala – miracles
[50:56] bar 9 – duck hunt
[54:41] bar 9 – pussyhole

Welcome to the Dominant Force Blog

Dominant Force Productions is DJ SPAED & MR OWL.  We are DJ/producers based in the Steel City (Pittsburgh, PA) and this is the place to keep up on whats new with Dominant Force.

All official releases, mixtapes, original beats, collaborations, and show announcements will be found here.

We are currently booking gigs, so please contact us at domforceprods@gmail.com if interested.

Our diverse stylistic tastes typically focus on classic & underground hip-hop, dub & roots reggae, soul, funk, motown, breaks, experimental electronica & drum-n-bass.