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Timebomb & Dominant Force present SUMMER TIME BOMBING, Mixed by MR. OWL

Graffiti is the first of hip-hop’s five elements. And this is true for Timebomb as well. Before there was a store, a booming website, an MTV countdown hosted inside, or features in Wiz Khalifa’s and Mac Miller’s video there was rush of the late night bombing mission and the million and one close calls that happen when a crew takes on an entire city with markers and cans for fame.

DJ Mr. Owl helps the fans remember these roots with a 77 minute conceptual blockbuster homage to street art and the fearless writers and vandals who make it happen in the trenches nightly. This end to end burner car pulls out of the station and into Timebomb on the 16th of August where fans of the art and the culture can get hard copies and limited edition t-shirts and stickers. Anyone who listens to this tape will have the mental ammo to be a king. If you slack on it then you might just be a toy so make sure you’re there.  To honor the Mixtape and our roots Timebomb Shop is going to have a Summer Time Bombing Sale all day Thursday Aug 16th so stop by if you’re in the Pittsburgh Area.

Mastered by Sayez at ID Labs.

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DIRECT DOWNLOAD (ZIP file with 50 tracks and artwork):  

Timebomb & Dominant Force – SUMMER TIME BOMBING (Mixed by MR. OWL).zip [ZIP, 50 x 320kbps MP3s, 194 MB]

[00:00] DNM – Prelude to Summertime
[00:53] Jester – Graffitiwriters Everywhere
[01:57] Prof.Logik & Ismish – Serenede for Summer
[03:36] Akrobatik – Slow Burna
[06:04] Rakim & Talib Kweli – Getting Up Anthem Pt. 1
[07:28] Echo1 & Ouch – Vandal Type
[09:26] Grand Agent – Crazy Visions
[11:08] Aerosoul – Bomb Hip Hop
[13:00] Artifacts – Wrong Side of da Tracks
[14:57] Company Flow – Lune TNS
[15:51] Enem – The A-Team
[18:05] Longevity, Abstract Rude & St. Mark – Burners
[18:48] MC Juice – 4 My Writers
[20:46] Beat Machine Aron – Vandalism
[21:39] LMNO – Aerosol Migrants
[23:36] Madlib the Beat Konducta – Painted Pictures (Art)
[24:19] Mayhem Lauren – Got the Fever
[26:21] PackFM – Click Clack and Spray
[28:33] Perk One & Rakaa Iriscience – Industry Standard
[30:03] The Literates – Graff Life
[30:53] Cor Stidak – Vandal Manuscript
[32:39] Meck One, Bleek, K984 & Perk One – Style Messiahs
[33:58] [REC] – OvER
[35:17] Serve 1, Steady Nixin & Sue Works – The Wrong Tag
[36:34] Sick Jacken & B Real – Kings in the Game
[38:32] Afu-Ra – Do You Want It
[40:28] KRS-One – Out for Fame
[41:33] LoopTroop – Ambush in the Night
[43:08] Reef the Lost Cauze – Infamous
[45:19] Ex Vandalz – Life Like (Graffiti on the Wall)
[47:10] Company Flow – End to End Burners
[48:33] El da Sensei – Stylin’ Up
[50:47] I Self Devine, Bleek, Perk One & Prince Po – Burnt Brydges
[52:08] J Berd – Army Jacket Letterman
[54:32] Digs – First Element
[56:17] Quannum – Bombonyall
[57:27] Chali 2na – Graff Time
[59:56] Chief Kamachi – Heavy Hands
[61:08] Daedalus – The Trains Are Now So Clean
[61:46] Arsonists – Underground Vandal
[63:26] OC – My Craft
[65:37] The Chemist – Platform Rapform
[66:45] Planet Asia – My Name
[68:40] Tame One – Graffic Traffic
[69:54] Perk One & Deeskee – Graffiti Brydge
[71:08] Prefuse 73 – Busy Signal (Make You Go Bombing Mix)
[72:08] Blamexile – Pair a Graffs
[74:35] Panacea – Vandalism
[75:51] Serve 1 & Sue Works – Out to Tag
[76:57] Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel & the Furious Five – Beat Street Breakdown

MR. OWL – ‘Consumers Become Producers’ Mixtape feat Jack Wilson

As paradoxical as it sounds, artists might be the ultimate consumers: sponges on a reconnaissance mission to absorb what they will later wring into the bucket of their chosen craft – the resulting alchemy thus becoming the artist’s own creation. On “Consumers Become Producers”, Pittsburgh’s Mr. Owl has soaked up and seamlessly blended some of today’s most cutting-edge independent music into which poet/MC Jack Wilson regurgitates his own slop of socially-conscious wit and sharp hip-hop influenced wordplay to produce a groundbreaking mix of everything Owl and Wilson represent as creative consumers. Digest accordingly.

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DOWNLOAD LINK:  Mr. Owl – ‘Consumers Become Producers’ Mixtape feat Jack Wilson
[MP3, 320kbps, 113MB]

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Mr. Owl – ‘Consumers Become Producers’ Mixtape (Instrumental Version)
[MP3, 320kbps, 112MB]

‘Consumers Become Producers’ Lyric Scroll by Jack Wilson
[JPEG, 4.7MB]

[00:00] moffftech (japan) – insomnia
[02:36] prozak morris feat zeus (LA) – ILLegitimate
[03:48] sweet love beatz (rostov-on-don) – walk on by
[05:25] yahn looke picard (minneapolis) – the fawn
[06:48] insightful (SF/SD) – a strange soul
[08:43] malefique (moscow) – mind change
[10:08] beat maker beat (st petersburg) – fruit salad
[11:30] juj (LA/santa cruz) – interstellar rainbows
[12:23] prof.logik & ben jamin (SC/NZ) – freeze pop
[14:07] ben jamin & dailon (NZ/SF) – anythoughts
[14:33] ben jamin & yahn looke picard (NZ/mnpls) – seoul 85
[15:16] beat maker beat – shining
[17:01] beat maker beat – i’ll be rolling
[17:34] gungkst & dailon (denver/SF) – yerbal remedy
[18:42] ichiro_ (japan) – crawl
[20:24] insightful – 45 minutes
[21:57] prof.logik & professor panson (SC/san jose) – lost thoughts
[23:25] prof.logik & supfa (SC/minneapolis) – pass it round
[25:00] sir froderick (philly) – latenightthinkin’
[26:19] dailon – future paradise
[28:11] kingpin (pittsburgh/miami) – the future is now
[30:03] sweet love beatz – cat musiq
[31:17] samwise (brighton UK) – shhhhh-nippet (prof.logik remix)
[32:46] yahn looke picard – bluebirds
[33:20] beat maker beat feat versis – the need
[34:31] lightlike (london) – kilderkin
[35:27] malefique – ghosts
[37:03] handbook (york UK) – call anytime
[38:19] malefique – budda
[39:28] spaed & mr. owl (pittsburgh) – flava flav is always on time
[43:12] dam^beer (dom rep) – galaxy jeska
[44:07] malefique – time a come rewalk
[45:41] spaed (pittsburgh) – i nevva knew
[47:29] ta-ku (australia) – pagasa


“Now here is a real treat. A supreme mix from MR. OWL, he has gathered artists/producers from all over this planet to present us a truly amazing experience. Including beats by folks like MALEFIQUE, YAHN LOOKE PICKARD, PROF.LOGIK, HANDBOOK, and many many many more, this mix ups the ante by throwing the master of ceremonies, Jack Wilson, on some supreme spoken word trip that lasts nearly the greater length of this epic collection.”
-ChrisGFR @ Grappa Frisbee Records

“Although I often find myself frustrated and depressed by the barrage of bullshit that floods my Soundcloud inbox; however, sometimes, whilst wading through the anonymous links of producers longing for recognition, there is a moment of magic. And this Consumers Become Producers mixtape by Mr. Owl (of Dominant Force) and Jack Wilson is one of the more inventive concepts (and uses for Soundcloud), I’ve heard in a while. Essentially, Mr. Owl spent tireless hours canvassing Soundcloud for various beats, compiled a mixtape of his favorite finds… and enlisted MC/poet, Jack Wilson, to rhyme over them all with the overarching theme of the musical consumer creating something new out of these Soundcloud treasures. … This is a brilliant concept that is well executed. Tell your friends.”
-JERKSTORE @ Sick Chirpse

“I just got round to checking out Mr. Owl & Jack Wilson’s “Consumers Become Producers” mix which I am sharing with you here right now. This one features just over 47 minutes of music courtesy of a bunch of great up and coming producers including Prof.Logik, Ben Jamin, Malefique, Handbook and many more! On top of that, you have Jack Wilson blessing the beats with his vocals. … Be on the lookout for another project from Mr. Owl/Collective Resonance soon”
-minipimp @ Collective Resonance

“Hip-Hop in my opinion though I love it remains a genre that could benefit from experimentation and new ideas. Recently I had the pleasure of linking up with a Pittsburgh MC by the name of Jack Wilson. Due to a mutual respect for each others craft we he it off immediately. Soon after I was blessed with the opportunity to be featured on a track with him. The tracks production was not conventional to say the least. MR. Owl an abstract beat maker and Pittsburgh native laced it with a style that set it apart from anything I had ever conceived could be a hip hop track but nonetheless the blend was magical. Just recently both Jack and the Owl himself teamed up and created the project for which the cover is shown. Sparatic in nature this entire project maintains a mind-bending scheme that is somehow intoxicating. Edgy syllable placement and an other worldly sound seen to expand to spark a metaphor that could not be put into words. With that said I suggest you click the link and spark the auditory senses.”
-Avant-Garde @ Endless Euphony

“Mr. Owl always deliver hot mixes, this one is none other than genius. Give it a listen people!”
-Pierre Michel @ PMD

MR. OWL – ‘They Don’t Care About Little Birds’ Mixtape

The year is 2011. Corporate greed is hell bent on exterminating the pesky underground musicians who are cutting into the profits of the major labels. They don’t care about little birds, including Mr. Owl – and they don’t want you to care either – “ignore owls or lose job” as they put it. This mixtape tells the story of the struggle of true heads against the bigwigs who want to destroy all real shit. Bulldozing creativity from coast to coast, they intend to wipe out the natural beauty of our audible world and replace it with the musical equivalent of tourist hotels, strip malls, and pancake houses. “You gotta start thinking like an outlaw” if you want to fight back. Spectacular selections from 26 of the dopest artists worldwide constitute the resistance. Listen to this mixtape, because the very future of underground music is at stake. “Ladies and gentlemen, these kids are a little misguided, they have no proof of any owls. Do you folks see any owls? Because I don’t!” Yes, we do see owls. And we know that the powers-that-be are scared of what’s to come.

Blogged by Ian Sethi via DrugMusic

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Mr. Owl – ‘They Don’t Care About Little Birds’ Mixtape
[MP3, 224kbps, 83.7MB]

* New artwork courtesy of WARREN XCLNCE!!! *

[00:00] skytree (minneapolis) – grandfather twilight
[02:28] tekst (san fran) & ian sethi (lexington) – okay
[04:18] dailon (nashville/fort collins) – soulair flair
[07:05] dailon – ahsherah
[08:49] ichiro_ (japan) – nice middle
[10:11] al_pd (cleveland) – blounder
[11:15] ackryte (midwest) & ben jamin (auckland new zealand) – next tip
[12:23] dam!beer (santo domingo dominican rep) – nyc condom
[13:43] ben jamin – 17th st journey
[14:23] ben jamin – non fiction
[15:19] the contractor (portland) – zinc
[16:53] phedeee (california) – deep breaths
[17:55] prof logik (queens/spartanburg) – drift away
[20:20] sweet love beatz (rostov-on-don russia) – Утренний
[22:01] warren xclnce (london uk) – 172 313
[23:00] kinobe (london uk) – slip into something more comfortable
[24:54] sweet love beatz, dynamo & fatchus – Гриб
[27:15] insightful (sf/sd) – square1
[28:01] del tha funkee homosapien (oakland) – sunny meadowz
[29:58] the contractor – conditional terminal
[31:34] cor stidak (va) – pendulum slave
[33:53] malefique (moscow russia) – chloe
[35:34] ackryte – light
[36:58] ben jamin – knowledge wisdom understanding
[38:53] cloud 9 (brighton uk) – jazzy beat
[40:15] handbook (york uk) – peeping tom
[41:59] malefique – gimmie
[43:18] ta-ku (australia) – nicki
[44:38] broke/ (santa ana) – sugar honey iced tea molasses
[45:31] spaed (pittsburgh) – narrow escape
[46:54] abjo (san diego) – it’s all just a game
[48:25] jammineye (pescara italy) – what’s cookin’
[49:41] abjo – the broken synth orchestra

MR. OWL – ‘The Hard Stuff’ Mixtape

Absolutely Mr. Owl’s most thorough mixtape yet, “The Hard Stuff” is a tasty treat of  downtempo electronica selections and experimental hip hop beats with a focus on brand new and/or exclusive tracks.  Check it out, you will be head noddin’ til your neck is sore!  Shout out to all of the producers on Soundcloud with ill jams that made it onto this mix (SPAED, Phedeee, Ackryte, Cloud 9, AL_PD, Broke, Warren XCLnce, Forss)… the assortment of amazing music being created right now is totally inspiring and nothing short of staggering!

DOWNLOAD LINK: Mr. Owl – ‘The Hard Stuff’ Mixtape
[MP3, 224kbps, 74.4MB]

[00:00] herbaliser – the hard stuff
[01:34] phedeee – batman theme flip
[03:37] phedeee – soulful soul
[04:48] al_pd – sling
[05:57] dj krush & smoov dev – 85 loop
[07:04] phedeee – headphone harold
[08:35] phedeee – lawd have mercy
[10:03] phedeee – lispss
[11:41] cloud 9 – merry christmas
[13:17] ronin – the hand that rocks
[14:58] herbaliser & jean grae – nahmean nahm sayin
[16:51] dj king flow – inner city blues
[18:30] phedeee & wu tang – c.r.e.a.m. remix
[20:06] prefuse 73 – one word extinguisher
[21:50] spaed – feeling around in the dark
[23:40] ackryte – light
[25:09] forss – soulhack
[26:09] phedeee – the fresh off the boat
[27:40] broke – sugar honey iced tea
[29:05] warren xclnce – i wanna be
[30:50] boards of canada – turquoise hexagon sun
[32:10] hive – sci-clone
[33:59] big gigantic – wish i knew
[35:35] cujo & mobb deep – cat people & drop a gem on em
[38:08] prefuse 73 – detchibe
[40:15] prefuse 73 & diabolical pear one – point to b
[41:57] warren xclnce – judgment day
[44:09] amon tobin & mc decimal r – verbal
[46:14] spaed & m.i.a. – xxxo motherload remix

MR. OWL – ‘Digital Mood Swings’ Mixtape

In anticipation of his upcoming peformance with Keeb$ and Still Life at Z-Lounge’s Brainstorm party this week, Mr. Owl has released an inspiring mixtape called “Digital Mood Swings” packed full of the best downtempo, trip-hop, and experimental electronic vibes known to mankind.  Butter blends, beastly beats, and superb surprises abound as Owl takes you on a journey with his timeless track selection!  Stay tuned til the closing track for the brand new Noisia/deadmau5 remix in its full glory… this mixtape is required listening from start to end!

“In a few moments you will have an experience which will seem completely real… it will be the result of your subconscious fears transformed to your conscious awareness… you have five seconds to terminate this tape… five… four… three… two… one…”

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Mr. Owl – ‘Digital Mood Swings’ Mixtape
[MP3, 128kbps, 65.7MB]

[00:00] amon tobin – easy muffin
[03:53] boards of canada – roygbiv
[04:53] dj king flow – stranger in heaven
[06:26] massive attack – black milk
[08:43] dj krush – 85 loop
[10:29] karsh kale – liberation
[13:09] stereo mc’s – first love
[15:12] dj shadow & mos def – six days remix
[17:51] kid loco – sister curare
[19:48] cujo – the brazilianaire
[21:24] dj krush – fucked up pendulum
[23:24] cloud 9 & fatlip – here comes the lip remix
[25:32] amon tobin – daytrip
[27:07] emiliana torrini – unemployed in summertime
[29:36] big gigantic – thinking out loud
[32:43] dj vadim – milwaukee
[34:26] portishead – sour sour times
[37:08] beem – mouth everest
[39:20] dj shadow – hindsight
[41:38] djmedjyou – disco raj
[44:20] herbaliser & mf doom – it ain’t nuttin
[46:23] karsh kale – analog mood swings
[48:16] unkle – unreal
[50:38] lamb – gorecki
[53:13] massive attack – angel
[57:13] dj king flow – who’s that
[58:59] amon tobin – nightlife
[61:07] kid koala – third world lover
[63:56] karsh kale – deepest blue kk’s deepest brooklyn mix
[66:33] noisia & deadmau5 – raise your weapon remix

Mr. Jhak – Bodyslide Mixtape

Mr. Jhak is the first emcee signed to Mr. Owl’s “Parliament of Strix” record label, and the Bodyslide Mixtape is Jhak’s first release.  Born and raised in Philly, and currently living in Los Angeles, he blends the east- and west-coast styles to make some of the realest underground hip-hop you’ve ever heard.  Jhak spits his intensely original rhyme style on twenty-one of his favorite borrowed instrumentals, and DJ Spaed cuts and blends all the tracks into a 54 minute set of continuous illness, never letting the groove stop.

Let this mixtape whet your appetite for a dope and prolific up-and-coming emcee, because P-Strix will be releasing several Mr. Jhak albums and mixtapes soon, including the highly anticipated “Who Killed the Page Wizurd?” LP with all original production by Mr. Owl.  Keep your ears open because this dude is on fire!

DOWNLOAD LINK: Mr. Jhak – Bodyslide Mixtape (PStrix 2010)
[ZIP file containing MP3s, 224kbps, 91.5MB]

MR. OWL – ‘The Higher Mental Plane’ Hip-Hop Mixtape

Mr. Owl’s hottest mixtape yet!  This jawn features all songs with the word “high” in the title, as well as some philosophically-oriented vocal samples sprinkled here and there that frame the “political” concepts of the mixtape… as usual the steelo is both fun and thought-provoking, and most importantly nothing but the dopest of tracks!

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Mr. Owl – ‘The Higher Mental Plane′ Hip-Hop Mixtape
[MP3, 128kbps, 63.8MB]

[00:00] beastie boys – high plains drifter
[02:16] n.e.r.d. & malice – am i high
[03:44] krs-one – don’t get so high (dancehall mix)
[05:24] cypress hill – yo quiero fumar (i want to get high)
[06:52] killah priest – high explosives
[08:54] camp lo – coolie high
[10:37] cypress hill vs 50 cent – high times vs high all the time
[13:34] busta rhymes – get high tonight
[15:56] kanye west, talib kweli & common – get em high
[20:08] krs-one – higher level
[24:29] beatnuts – highly recognized (instr)
[27:00] masta ace & edo g – hands high
[29:10] akzionz & g5 clive vs jim jones – louder high vs we fly high
[31:08] sunz of man – natural high (instr)
[33:24] gza – highway robbery
[34:58] method man & redman – how high
[37:14] wu-tang clan – as high as wu-tang get
[39:29] finsta bundy & dj premier – feel the high pt2
[41:34] sadat x – hang em high
[44:12] b-real, busta rhymes, coolio, ll cool j & method man – hit em high
[46:08] bze vs paul wall – high tech sushi vs sip n get high
[49:26] de la soul – stakes is high (9th wonder remix)
[52:02] ol dirty bastard – gettin high
[53:54] cunninlynguists & natti – what they playin (blow my high)
[55:45] gza – high price, small reward
[57:18] aceyalone vs snoop dogg vs dr dre – high lights vs too high vs let’s get high
[60:23] wordsworth – higher
[62:51] metawon – higher (instr)
[63:38] masta ace – postin high
[65:32] crash crew – high powered rap
[68:05] south bronx movement – you’ve got the power to get high on yourself