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Timebomb & Dominant Force present SUMMER TIME BOMBING, Mixed by MR. OWL

Graffiti is the first of hip-hop’s five elements. And this is true for Timebomb as well. Before there was a store, a booming website, an MTV countdown hosted inside, or features in Wiz Khalifa’s and Mac Miller’s video there was rush of the late night bombing mission and the million and one close calls that happen when a crew takes on an entire city with markers and cans for fame.

DJ Mr. Owl helps the fans remember these roots with a 77 minute conceptual blockbuster homage to street art and the fearless writers and vandals who make it happen in the trenches nightly. This end to end burner car pulls out of the station and into Timebomb on the 16th of August where fans of the art and the culture can get hard copies and limited edition t-shirts and stickers. Anyone who listens to this tape will have the mental ammo to be a king. If you slack on it then you might just be a toy so make sure you’re there.  To honor the Mixtape and our roots Timebomb Shop is going to have a Summer Time Bombing Sale all day Thursday Aug 16th so stop by if you’re in the Pittsburgh Area.

Mastered by Sayez at ID Labs.

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DIRECT DOWNLOAD (ZIP file with 50 tracks and artwork):  

Timebomb & Dominant Force – SUMMER TIME BOMBING (Mixed by MR. OWL).zip [ZIP, 50 x 320kbps MP3s, 194 MB]

[00:00] DNM – Prelude to Summertime
[00:53] Jester – Graffitiwriters Everywhere
[01:57] Prof.Logik & Ismish – Serenede for Summer
[03:36] Akrobatik – Slow Burna
[06:04] Rakim & Talib Kweli – Getting Up Anthem Pt. 1
[07:28] Echo1 & Ouch – Vandal Type
[09:26] Grand Agent – Crazy Visions
[11:08] Aerosoul – Bomb Hip Hop
[13:00] Artifacts – Wrong Side of da Tracks
[14:57] Company Flow – Lune TNS
[15:51] Enem – The A-Team
[18:05] Longevity, Abstract Rude & St. Mark – Burners
[18:48] MC Juice – 4 My Writers
[20:46] Beat Machine Aron – Vandalism
[21:39] LMNO – Aerosol Migrants
[23:36] Madlib the Beat Konducta – Painted Pictures (Art)
[24:19] Mayhem Lauren – Got the Fever
[26:21] PackFM – Click Clack and Spray
[28:33] Perk One & Rakaa Iriscience – Industry Standard
[30:03] The Literates – Graff Life
[30:53] Cor Stidak – Vandal Manuscript
[32:39] Meck One, Bleek, K984 & Perk One – Style Messiahs
[33:58] [REC] – OvER
[35:17] Serve 1, Steady Nixin & Sue Works – The Wrong Tag
[36:34] Sick Jacken & B Real – Kings in the Game
[38:32] Afu-Ra – Do You Want It
[40:28] KRS-One – Out for Fame
[41:33] LoopTroop – Ambush in the Night
[43:08] Reef the Lost Cauze – Infamous
[45:19] Ex Vandalz – Life Like (Graffiti on the Wall)
[47:10] Company Flow – End to End Burners
[48:33] El da Sensei – Stylin’ Up
[50:47] I Self Devine, Bleek, Perk One & Prince Po – Burnt Brydges
[52:08] J Berd – Army Jacket Letterman
[54:32] Digs – First Element
[56:17] Quannum – Bombonyall
[57:27] Chali 2na – Graff Time
[59:56] Chief Kamachi – Heavy Hands
[61:08] Daedalus – The Trains Are Now So Clean
[61:46] Arsonists – Underground Vandal
[63:26] OC – My Craft
[65:37] The Chemist – Platform Rapform
[66:45] Planet Asia – My Name
[68:40] Tame One – Graffic Traffic
[69:54] Perk One & Deeskee – Graffiti Brydge
[71:08] Prefuse 73 – Busy Signal (Make You Go Bombing Mix)
[72:08] Blamexile – Pair a Graffs
[74:35] Panacea – Vandalism
[75:51] Serve 1 & Sue Works – Out to Tag
[76:57] Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel & the Furious Five – Beat Street Breakdown